Cotton/Tencel Satin - Sunbeam, 1/2 yard

Hell Gate Fabrics

$ 9.50

This cotton/tencel blend has a slightly slubby texture and a hint of sheen. It's medium-weight and opaque.

Sold in half-yard increments, so for one yard, select 2 in the "quantity" menu.

What Is... Tencel? Tencel is a brand name for lyocell, which is a cellulosic (plant-based) manufactured fiber, usually made from processed wood pulp. It is made with a "closed loop" process-- the solvents used to pulverize the wood pulp are reused/recycled, resulting in a lower environmental impact. 

Fiber Content: 55% cotton, 45% tencel

Width: 55"

Country of Origin: Japan

Pattern Idea: République Du Chiffon Dominique Jumpsuit (seriously, someone please try this!)